It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and it seems like daily I’ve responded to some sort of news article or internet post with a Really?  Honestly, some of these things have just flat-out baffled me…see if you respond in kind.

pope-francis11.  Pope Francis gets theologically ambiguous in his open letter to La Repubblica regarding sin and our conscience. With agnostic overtones, he says,

You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience.

Sin, even for those who have no faith, exists when people disobey their conscience.


2.  “Moral Monday” protests at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill tell us “That every conservative in North Carolina is a racist baby-killer, hell-bent on destroying public schools.” Really?

Here are a few of the phrases that were used by the progressive, left-wing activists: “right-wing nut jobs”, “collective good of the state”, “regressive”, and “fiscally nutty”. They go on to say that conservatives “want kids to die”, that abortion safety laws are “dangerous for the black woman’s body,” that Republicans are hoping to “destroy our public school system.” Really?

Facebook-skins-post3.  Social media is the elephant in the room that no one knows how to handle.  Currently, an employee is suing his employer, claiming “he was fired for supporting an political candidate who was running against his boss.” Really?

4.  This one gets a double Really? One for the pastor, and one for the church (in Nashville) that allowed it.


5.  The on-going debate over paying college athletes continues.  As a parent who has a child in D1 athletics, I’m all for it.  Really? No. Not really.  See, I know that my son is getting a huge paycheck at the beginning of every semester that pays for his education costs.  It’s called a scholarship.

But, here we have athletes who haven’t even played a down of college football who are weighing in on thePayNCAA issue.  They want “spending money”.  Really?  Let’s see…you don’t have rent; you don’t have to pay for meals; you don’t have any bills related to housing; you get clothes and shoes out the wazoo.  What else do you need?

One athlete has it right when he says, “I just love the game. No one’s got to give me money to hit nobody.”

3452272-a-hose-bib-spraying-water-into-the-garden6.  Actress Pia Zadora is in trouble.  She sprayed her 16 year-old son with a hose in efforts to get him to go to bed “so she could get some rest.”  Really?  Spraying someone with water is not the way to promote sleep.

I do it to wake kids up.  Wait…uh…not really.

7.   A Massachusetts principal decided the best way to commemorate the recent anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York was to read a poem about a Muslim.  In doing so, he completely forgot the daily practice of leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Really?

He said in a statement,

We had the well-being of students at the forefront of our thinking when we chose to acknowledge 9/11 by reading a poem that focused on cross-cultural understanding rather than unsettling words and images associated with the event.

I’m sure the families of those killed in the attack, as well as the families of our troops who have been killed in the war on terrorism have a significant understanding of “unsettling words and images.”


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