Views from the [Drum] Throne

Great observation from the drummer on our worship team. Great points and well written.

The Crabtrees

Music moves us.  It’s the universal language.  Think of your favorite band, your favorite song, or your favorite style of music.  Have you ever sang along or even danced to it?  Of course you have.  Just thinking about Luciano Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma gives me chills.  Now, tie the familiarity and emotion instilled by music with the joyous truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Amazing, right?  Any believer in the gospel should have an extremely difficult time containing any type of response to such a combination.


In my time as a praise & worship band instrumentalist, it happens all the time.  Out of all the concerts, orchestras, bands, ensembles, and arrangements I’ve been a part of there is always a connection between instrumentalists and the crowd… except for church congregations.  Many folks are at least singing but the majority are mumbling or look as though they’re obligated to be there.  If…

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One response to “Views from the [Drum] Throne

  1. Jan Hubbard

    Why is it so hard to praise our Lord among fellow believers?
    Maybe we are unintentionally taught to stay ” sober and smile free.”

    I heard of a child who sat behind my friend, Merlyn, in church. Merlyn could really wiggle his ears and would do so when there were small children behind him during worship. One small child was giggling with glee at my friend’s ear antics. The child’s mother slapped his hands and said in a loud whisper, ” Stop that laughing! You know you’re not suppose to have fun in church?”

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