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A Big Obamacare Really?


This one defies logic.

Apparently, in Tennessee, if you sign up for Obamacare, you get a free smartphone.

And, $78 million was given to the health co-op to provide this incentive.



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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and it seems like daily I’ve responded to some sort of news article or internet post with a Really?  Honestly, some of these things have just flat-out baffled me…see if you respond in kind.

pope-francis11.  Pope Francis gets theologically ambiguous in his open letter to La Repubblica regarding sin and our conscience. With agnostic overtones, he says,

You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience.

Sin, even for those who have no faith, exists when people disobey their conscience.


2.  “Moral Monday” protests at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill tell us “That every conservative in North Carolina is a racist baby-killer, hell-bent on destroying public schools.” Really?

Here are a few of the phrases that were used by the progressive, left-wing activists: “right-wing nut jobs”, “collective good of the state”, “regressive”, and “fiscally nutty”. They go on to say that conservatives “want kids to die”, that abortion safety laws are “dangerous for the black woman’s body,” that Republicans are hoping to “destroy our public school system.” Really?

Facebook-skins-post3.  Social media is the elephant in the room that no one knows how to handle.  Currently, an employee is suing his employer, claiming “he was fired for supporting an political candidate who was running against his boss.” Really?

4.  This one gets a double Really? One for the pastor, and one for the church (in Nashville) that allowed it.


5.  The on-going debate over paying college athletes continues.  As a parent who has a child in D1 athletics, I’m all for it.  Really? No. Not really.  See, I know that my son is getting a huge paycheck at the beginning of every semester that pays for his education costs.  It’s called a scholarship.

But, here we have athletes who haven’t even played a down of college football who are weighing in on thePayNCAA issue.  They want “spending money”.  Really?  Let’s see…you don’t have rent; you don’t have to pay for meals; you don’t have any bills related to housing; you get clothes and shoes out the wazoo.  What else do you need?

One athlete has it right when he says, “I just love the game. No one’s got to give me money to hit nobody.”

3452272-a-hose-bib-spraying-water-into-the-garden6.  Actress Pia Zadora is in trouble.  She sprayed her 16 year-old son with a hose in efforts to get him to go to bed “so she could get some rest.”  Really?  Spraying someone with water is not the way to promote sleep.

I do it to wake kids up.  Wait…uh…not really.

7.   A Massachusetts principal decided the best way to commemorate the recent anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York was to read a poem about a Muslim.  In doing so, he completely forgot the daily practice of leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Really?

He said in a statement,

We had the well-being of students at the forefront of our thinking when we chose to acknowledge 9/11 by reading a poem that focused on cross-cultural understanding rather than unsettling words and images associated with the event.

I’m sure the families of those killed in the attack, as well as the families of our troops who have been killed in the war on terrorism have a significant understanding of “unsettling words and images.”


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Really? (or, What’s with this mascot thing?)

The-Washington-Redskins-Whats-In-A-NameI guess I’m insensitive to the plight of the Native American Indian, because I can’t, for the life of me, understand why these sports writers have an issue with the word Redskin as a mascot. I think it’s an honorable name and works to acknowledge a group of people who are part of American history.

I’m mostly Redskin – well, at least while my son is applying to colleges – because there’s boatloads of money for Native Americans going to college. So, until I get that letter in the mail that says college is paid for, I’m a Redskin. Really? No. Not really.

But, I am confounded by the sportswriters who just find it beneath them to use the word. They won’t write it…won’t even say it. It’s now known as the “R” word.

Christine Brennan, writing in USA Today Sports, says she won’t use the word anymore. Brennan says she’s used the word “thousands of times, probably more than 10,000 by now.” She is joined by Peter King, who writes for Sports Illustrated. He says he’s made the decision to stop using the name, as well. Brennan says it’s a racist term. King says it has nothing to do with race.

So, it got me to thinking. Hmmm…if we follow their rationale, what are some other monikers that shouldn’t be used that may imply racism; or, like King’s thinking, has nothing to do with race but we’ll just stop using them because, well, I guess we just think they’re stupid.

scc-artichoke-300x192The Scottsdale Community College Artichokes. Really? What doofus came up with that?

Mount St. Mary’s College Athenians. Really? When Athena, the embodiment of their name, shows up at a sporting event, what does that look like? I think we’re trying too hard on this one.

University of California, Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. Originally the Sea Lions, UCSC changed its mascot after students, unhappy with the first moniker, voted a new one in. Really? As usual…it’s California. Must have been in the ’60’s.

Dartmouth, Cornell, etc. Here we have the non-offensive, politically-safe color mascots who proceed to make their color more formidable by adding the adjective ‘Big’ in front of it…Really? I’m sure the young women who are athletes at these schools appreciate being called ‘Big’ anything. That never worked out good for me.

Illinois College Blueboys. Really? I’m not commenting on this one. Period.

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Blugolds. Really? Is ‘Blugold’ even a word? This is an institution of higher learning…let’s see if we can be a bit more creative.

St-Louis-College-of-Pharmacy-EutecticSt. Louis College of Pharmacy Eutectics. A double Really? Why even have a mascot if this is all we can do? The school does compete athletically in the NAIA, but I’m thinking ‘DrugLords’ would be more appropriate on the athletic field.

Golden ________________. Really? Why can’t we just be the Tornadoes, or Bulls, or Hurricanes, or Gaels, or Flyers. No, we have to add ‘Golden’ in front of the mascot name which, I suppose, makes it a special tornado, bull, or hurricane.

Ave Maria University Gyrenes. Really? Wait…I’m gonna look that up…it’s a slang term for ‘Marine’. So…we have the university named for the mother of Jesus and the mascot is a Marine. Really?

Washburn University Ichabods. Really? I bet they don’t have a hard time recruiting athletes. Coach: “Wanna play for the Ichabods?” Recruit: Really?

Wabash College Little Giants. Really? Not only is the mascot an oxymoron, but everyone can see that ‘Little Giants’ is just a polite way to say…well…little person.

Northern Kentucky Norse. Really? An entire ethnicity of people from the North…the ones who discovered America and perhaps shared a campfire with the Redskins? Leif is offended.

Bethany_College_Terrible_Swedes_athletic_logoBethany College Terrible Swedes. Really? Here we go again with this ethnicity thing. If the Swedes get wind of this, they’ll rise up and protest and boycott. And, it’s not enough to be a Swede…they’re the Terrible Swedes. I guess it’s better than the Mean Swedes, which sounds like something they drank in Canterbury Tales.

Community Colleges of Spokane Sasquatches. Really? So, again, institutions of higher learning choose a mascot from a beef jerky commercial, because that’s the only evidence of one existing.

After all this, I’m thinking Redskin isn’t so bad.


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Really? (or, 6 things that will blow your mind.)

This week has been a head-scratcher.  Today’s Really? post could have been much longer, but I just had to cull some things in the interest of my time and yours.

So, here are 6 things that will make you ask Really?

Obama1.  President Obama gave the now infamous “red line” statement back in August, 2012, and now he’s saying he didn’t say it.  Really?  Here he is again, saying it was an international statement.  Perhaps the best comment is from the Twitter-sphere when @RameshPonnuru said, “So we’re going to go to war to defend the credibility of a comment Obama won’t take responsibility for.”

And, while we’re on the subject, those who oppose military action against Syria, and thus oppose President Obama, are now called “isolationists”.    As Jonah Goldberg rants regarding the labels, “An isolationist is someone who doesn’t want to bomb foreigners when I do.”  Apparently, now, if you disagree with popular opinion, you get a label.  Really?

2.  Mashable tells us that the shoe company Pearl Izumi has apologized for recent ads that imply their shoes will allowCPRdogThumb dog owners to run their dog to death.  Apologize?  Really?

How about we get a sense of humor and stop taking life so seriously?  When someone uses hyperbole to imply a particular quality that obviously doesn’t exist, do we have to catch feelings about it?  Really?

sergio3.  Lawyer jokes are funny.  Ever hear the one about the the guy who wants to be a lawyer but he can’t because, well, it would break the law?  No, really.  Really?

Turns out that Sergio Garcia (not the golfer), an undocumented immigrant, has finished law school and passed the bar exam.  And now, he can’t be licensed to practice law in the U.S. because it’s breaking the law!  What was he doing in law school when they discussed that chapter in Law 101?  Did he miss that day?  Was he asleep?

As usual, it’s the state of California that wants to give him a license to practice law, and they’re taking it to the California Supreme Court.  I just can’t understand Garcia’s rationale when he says,

I’m very confident at the end of the day that the court is going to make the right decision. I think that the wonderful message that can be sent today is if you work hard, if you persevere and you don’t ever give up, you still can make your American dream a reality independently, whether you have the blessing of being born in this country or not.

I mean, drug dealers work hard…what about making their American dream a reality.  What about people who steal cars or rob banks?  Don’t they have an American dream?

I mean, Really!

4.  Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens unintelligible linebacker, recently said that when the lights went out in the Super Baltimore Ravens' Suggs waits on the field after the half the lights went out in the third quarter against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New OrleansBowl game this past season, it was intentional.  Really?

Apparently, his conspiracy theory is that the Ravens were about to blow out the 49ers, so someone pulled the plug.  Really?

johnny-manziel-time-magazine-cover-pay5.  Bleacher Report informs us that the latest Times magazine probes the question of whether college athletes should be paid, and they adorn the magazine’s cover with a picture of Johnny Manziel.  Really?

Athletes do get paid.  It’s called a scholarship.  And, four years worth could add up to well over $100,000.  Then, add in potential earnings that, say, an accounting degree or engineering degree could draw, and you have significant opportunity to make large sums of money.

The solution?  Instead of giving athletes a scholarship, give them a check for the cost of one year’s tuition (since scholarships must be renewed every year).  They can do with that money what they want.  But, if they choose to use it on something other than tuition and school costs, i.e. a new truck or car, then they’re still responsible for paying their school bills.  Maybe then, athletes would realize that they are getting paid.  Really.

6.  Apparently, yelling at your kids, cursing them, or calling them pejorative names (like dumb or stupid) makes their yelling-at-teens1_wide-473ac06736e3476142276c2dd8ab21912c3e8926-s40-c85behavior worse and is not an effective way to parent.  Really?

According to NPR’s Nancy Shute in her article, “Parents’ Harsh Words May Make Teen Behavior Worse”, “harsh verbal discipline may backfire.”  She says,

Researchers asked parents of 13-year-olds in the Philadelphia area how often in the past year they’d yelled, cursed or called the kid “dumb or lazy or some other word like that” after he or she had done something wrong.

Almost half of the nearly 900 parents said they used harsh verbal punishment — 45 percent of the moms and 42 percent of the fathers.

Calling your child “dumb or lazy or some other word like that” is not verbal discipline – it’s verbal abuse.  While most parents have claimed to have lost it, or yelled at their children, belittling them with names is a red line that must not be crossed.

And, you can quote me on that!

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7 things that make you ask “Really?”

There are things that pop up on the news from time to time that just defy rational logic.  It’s a common thing, too, and spans all facets of our culture…politics, sports, entertainment, religion, and lifestyle.  It doesn’t take a hard look to find it, either.  And, when you do come across the insanely absurd, all you can do is respond, “Really?”

So, on Fridays, I’ve decided to add a weekly response to news events of the week that, on hearing, make you stop and ask, “Really?”  It’s not original, I know…SNL did a skit called “Really? with Seth and Amy” on their show that responded to some news event in the same fashion.  Just look at Friday on my blog as an aggregate for those weekly events that make you go “Really?”

Here we go…

1.  Miley Cyrus.  Really?

mileyWhen she appeared on MTV’s VMA show this past Sunday night, she went beyond anything that can rationally, logically explain the purpose of her performance.  I didn’t see it, but after the Twitter world blew up, I knew something had happened.  I’ve not linked to any site because I don’t want to risk offending you with that garbage.  Even the sites that criticize her bizarre behavior in their articles have included a video of the performance, which calls for a Really? within a Really?  Geez…

2.  Fast-food workers strike over wages.  Really?

These guys want their salary doubled.  Really?  Me, too!  People who work in places like McDonald’s making minimumfast-food-strike.jpeg1-1280x960 wage are unhappy because apparently they’re not making enough money to support their lifestyle, or their family.  Last time I checked, places like McDonald’s hire people like high school students, college students, or maybe even those wanting to pick up a little extra income.  Flipping hamburgers and adding special sauce is not meant to be a career.  Really?

3.  Oregon’s football facility.  Really?

oregonThis is way over the top.  It’s sports gluttony at its finest.  College football hedonism is defined by this place.  The University of Oregon, a.k.a. the University of Nike, has built a football facility paid for by Nike founder Phil Knight that is conservatively estimated to cost $68 million.  The NY Times reported that

The Football Performance Center at the University of Oregon features rugs woven by hand in Nepal, couches made in Italy and Brazilian hardwood underfoot in the weight room that is so dense, designers of this opulent palace believe it will not burn.

This is Oregon football. There is a barbershop with utensils from Milan. And a duck pond. And a locker room that can be accessed by biometric thumbprints. And chairs upholstered with the same material found in a Ferrari’s interior. And walls covered in football leather.

Nike football leather, naturally.

All of this for a program that has never won a national championship, and was put on a three-year probation this year by the NCAA…get this…for recruiting violations.  No need to worry about that now…just call a recruit and tell them to get online and look at the football performance center.  Really?

4.  California law protects transgender students.  Really?

So…high school boys can claim they’re really girls, and they have free access to girl’s locker rooms and such.  And, noBathroom-sign-Shutterstock one can question it because it would be a bullying issue.  Really?

5.  “The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy”.  Really?

jesse_jacksonJesse Jackson said in an interview recently that the conservative Tea Party was the “Fort Sumter tea party”, claiming that any and all criticism of President Obama was due to racism.  Really?

6.  NCAA punishes Johnny Manziel.  Really?

Johnny Football has to sit out a half in Texas A&M’s season opener against Rice.  Really?  If he did something wrong,johnny he needs to be punished.  Really punished.  If he didn’t do anything wrong, why is he sitting out a half?  The NCAA says that Johnny Football should have known signed items would be sold.  Really?

7.  Justin Bieber stops by the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

justinbieberSNL_620_010713OK.  So that doesn’t deserve a Really?  He signed the guest book, and wrote

Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.



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